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Stem Cells Hair Injection

Stem cell therapy, an innovative approach to hair regeneration, offers a promising solution for combating hair loss. By harnessing the power of specialized cells- the stem cells for hair growth, it aims to stimulate the growth of new hair follicles. The procedure involves the strategic injection of pure growth factors with specialized stem cell hair injections. This rejuvenation process not only targets empty spots but also promotes overall hair growth, leading to enhanced thickness and volume.

LC Hair is a highly popular brand of stem cell hair injection—we use. LC Stem cells for hair optimize blood circulation, reinforce hair follicle, mitigate inflammatory processes, and unlock the maximum potential of hair in terms of length, thickness, and overall vitality. It is also used post-hair transplant for maintaining hair growth. LC Stem Cells for Hair: Sustaining Growth Post-Transplant Notably, this approach also becomes significant after a hair transplant procedure, as LC stem cells for hair growth treatment are introduced to sustain and support continued hair growth.


Stem cells hair restoration offers a multifaceted range of benefits, including the potential to: Revitalize and regenerate natural hair follicles. Increase density in regions experiencing hair thinning. Enhance the natural fullness and appearance of the hairline. Achieve and sustain enduring results in the realm of hair density restoration. Personalized Treatment Journey Usually patients would need between 3 to 4 sessions with an interval of one month between each session. It is also advisable in some cases to do PRP alternately to ensure better results and more density.  Each session would last around half an hour. The injected stem cells would stimulate the growth of new hair follicles and accelerate the growth rate of existing ones, ultimately leading to revitalize hair growth.

Stem cell hair treatment is suitable for: Anyone seeking to diminish hair loss and restore hair volume. Individuals aiming to enhance hair health and regain lost confidence. Men experiencing hair fall and thinning of hair,  as the treatment nourishes and maintains hair follicles for lasting results. Individuals facing age-related hair loss, as stem cells treatment with growth factor revitalizes and sustains beautiful, healthy looks.


Glory Aesthetic Clinic: Your Stem Cells Experts

Discover hair rejuvenation in Dubai with our specialized team at Glory Aesthetic Clinic. Our proficient team combines theoretical expertise with hands-on experience, ensuring your journey is both seamless and gratifying. From your initial consultation, our knowledgeable specialists address all your inquiries, guiding you through the procedure with clarity. Rest assured, your satisfaction is our priority. Experience visibly thicker and more beautiful hair with our skilled experts!

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